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Get some brand clarity*

*without the navel-gazing, weird diagrams or mumbo jumbo

Branding doesn’t have to be so darn complicated

There's a lot of brand mumbo jumbo out there. But the gist of branding is quite simple: get clear on who you are, the value you offer and how you’re different from the rest. Then communicate it to the world in your own unique way.

The hard part is doing this for your own company. Branding the organization you know so well is like trying to cut your own hair – it's awkward and you might even get a few nicks. You’ll get better results letting someone else do it.

Punchy is the mirror your business needs to make sure your brand is sending the right signals to the right people. I help B2B and B2C businesses cut the jargon and express who they really really are, so they can build brands that rise about the noise.

I break down complexity with a straight-talking approach to help your brand achieve the 3 Cs: clarity, consistency and the courage to stand for something different.

Once your brand's value and point of view is perfectly understood, you leave the sea of sameness behind. It really is that simple.

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"Punchy helped communicate our complex B2B medical software business in a compelling and powerful way. It's easy to get lost in the weeds of a business like ours, but Emma helped us make that critical leap from product features to our big, inspiring vision."
– David West, CEO of Proscia

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